Hurricane Preparedness


To our SBY Customer:

In keeping with the town of Barrington, all marinas and boatyards have been asked to formulate a hurricane preparedness plan. The following has been prepared by SBY.

  1. All boats on the docks that have trailers are asked to haul and remove boat from the yard 72 – 48 hours prior to the storm event. We will load trailerable boats at $12.00/ft. Check condition of your trailer: tires, bearings and axle.
  1. Boat owners who store or occupy our docks will have priority on the hauling schedule. We will start hauling 72 hours prior to the storm and move boats to the highest ground possible. This will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Batteries should be removed to eliminate risk of fire. No boats will be placed indoors during such an event.
  1. All boats, whether in the water or on land must remove roller furling sails, dodgers, bimini tops, antennas, outriggers, deck box, booms and dorade vents. It is advised to remove all movable equipment and lash down tiller, wheels, booms, etc. Seal all openings using duct tape. Shut sea cocks and plug unvalved thru hull fittings.
  1. If boats remain in the slip, double all lines, rig crossing spring lines fore and aft, and attach lines high on pilings to allow for tidal rise or surge. Cover all lines at rough points to prevent chafing and install fenders to protect boats from docks, pilings and other boats. Check your cleats. Batteries should be fully charged in order to run an automatic bilge pump. Please note that nylon line will stretch 5%-10% of its length.
  1. We request that no vehicles park or drive through the west lot while we are attempting to haul.
  1. We will haul up to 8 hours before ETA and then we will secure the facility.
  1. ALL boats that are hauled for the storm must go back in the water within one week or sooner, if it’s a late season storm in order for our regular storage layout to be implemented.
  1. The charge for hauling, setting down and launching will be $24.00 per foot. There will be no bottom washing at that time.
  1. The boatyard must be evacuated if the situation warrants or if directed.
  1. All customers should check with their insurance company regarding coverage in a hurricane situation.

Please be advised that boats that are hauled may be subject to storm surge.