The Egbert

Egbert Was built in Buzzards Bay in 1885 as a sailing cat boat whose job it was to drag scallop nets along the shoals of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Around the turn of the century she was converted to power and served many jobs. Egbert was used as a fire boat, a cod fishing boat, and was often seen towing beetle cat boats to and from racing.In 1938 Egbert famously ended up cradled atop pilings after the hurricane. Always a family pride, Stanley kept the boat busy and afloat. In 1983, Stanley’s grandsons, Kevin and Steve Terhune, did a major refit on the nearly 100-year-old vessel.Since that time, she has been retired for pleasure only. Egbert has been used for two family weddings as well as many other celebrations. To this day she can be seen steaming toward Bristol with a large crew on the 4th of July.

Egbert and the Stanley’s Boat Yard Family were most recently presented with the Elizabeth Sargent Warren Award from the Barrington Preservation Society. The committee decided that Egbert represents a remarkable effort to maintain a classic boat as well as 4 generations of a family run business, thriving in the town of Barrington.

See the Preservation Award


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